Anand Ashram


The story of Anand Ashram

This organization was started in 1991, it provides orphans and poor boys who faced school and family problems with home, food, clothing, medical care and education. Anand Ashram works similarly to Snehasadan, which at times sends boys from its own houses.

This house is managed by Tony Paul (who was in charge of Snehasadan house n°6 from 1978 to 1984). Back in 1989 he bought land and a small house with his own funds in Vasai to start his own organization. Anand Ashram is located about 40 km north west of Mumbai, close to the sea shore.
There are about 70 children in Anand Ashram, this number being stable for the past 8 years. A third of them still have family members with whom they stay for holidays. The others remain permanently in the house.

At this time over 50 children are sponsored.

The house could be extended thanks to donations. A member of A.F.E.A. also financed the construction of a building and the purchase of land. In 2007 A.F.E.A. provided funds to build a dormitory that was completed in July.

How it works daily?

The children from 5 to 20-year old can be orphans, abandoned or entrusted by parents who can not take care of them for financial reasons. Each child is admitted in a local school according to his age and academics in order to attend normal classes or apprenticeship.

The objective is that each individual gets education, learns a job and gains ability to live on his own at the time he will leave the house. Whereas the schools give cultural background and training, Anand Ashram provides a home where the children can also study, pray, play and be involved in many acticvities. Whereas the schools give cultural backgroung and education, Anand Ashram provides a home where the children an also study, pray, play and attends many activities.

Anand Ashram is also a community where everybody contributes to the maintenance and household tasks on rota basis and according to his capabilities. The elders manage the youngers and organize the daily schedule. Meditation and prayer are practiced daily and respect the beliefs and origins of all the children.

Donations and sponsorships allow to bear the daily expenses, food, maintenance and school fees.

Anand Ashram has several buildings : the main one contains the dining hall, the kitchen, a room for studies and games, a computer room, a prayer hall and the principal's office.

Another smaller building hosts elder people taken care of by Anand Ashram and a dormitory. A house with three rooms is at the disposal of the guests. Recently a new building was erected with a dormitory for smaller boys, an infirmary and several storage rooms.

The playground is surrounded by the buildings and allows the children to play cricket, basketball, football... A pond that is filled during the monsoon is used as a swimming pool. Currently Tony Paul is working on the renovation of the main building and has the project to build a library so that children can enjoy reading and studying in a dedicated place. He also plans to extend his social actions by helping poor families to put their children in school while staying at their home.